In this next vlog I give you a quick recap on how it went using the reusable nappies with the twins and also show you my almost quick daily makeup routine. Enjoy!



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Seabass with seasoned veg (Recipe here)

Did you know to maintain a health diet you should eat fish at least twice a week? Not too much to ask for, considering there is such a wide variety of fish to choose from as well as different types of ways to cook it like frying, grilling, steaming or even making a curry.

Fish like Tuna and salmon are high in Omega 3 which is great for your heart and diet. But do remember if you are pregnant or breastfeeding further research would be best to advise you on which fish to avoid, how much you can have or you might choose to use vitamins/supplements as an alternative. If you are living in the UK the NHS has plenty of guidelines and advise on this;


Prawns & Fried Rice

It’s always great to have a home cooked meal whenever possible. But we all know how draining it can be sometimes when you’ve had a long day at work or with the kids or whatever you do with you’re time!

Unfortunately this is what leads us to give in to a take away or microwave meals at times. So that’s why we need to learn to switch things up a bit! Instead of trying to cook a whole heartedly meal for the family every night, why not learn a few quick recipes that taste great and don’t take a lot of time and effort like my fried rice and prawns