About me


Hello! So I’m going to tell you a bit about myself and why I decided to start this blog. I will be completely honest, at first I was a little bit bored being home almost 24/7 with the twins. Secondly over the past couple of years I’ve had non start blogs that I kept saying I would do properly once I had the time to invest into them. I can finally say that I am ready! Plus I have already paid for my annual subscription!

This is something I have been meaning to do for a while, and now that I’m a family ‘woman’ this would be the perfect time to give you all an insight into my life with my partner and twins.

Me and my partner have been together for almost four years now, and like every other couple had our ups and downs of course. We come from completely different backgrounds but that is the best part of our relationship – ‘opposites attract’. Three years later I fell pregnant with our twin girls ( Malia & Moana) who of course made an entrance and decided to pop out 3 and a half weeks early – 29.12.2017 and its true what they say – the labour pains were worth and I would do it all over again.

Eat.Sleep.Twins.Repeat is about how I manage everyday life as a mum to our twins, being a homemaker and keeping it fresh in my relationship. I will also be giving you ideas on making an extra income, how to get more sleep, prepping for twins, shopping budgets, saving, breastfeeding, easy meals to cook or best places to eat out and more.

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